Coffee Pod #6: Social Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

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Dan Flynn is the  CO-Founder and CEO of Thank You- a social enterprise whose >50 product range has provided over $5.5 million to people in need & given 545,000 people access to water. Dan has been named EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Southern Region) and listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs. but as you’ll discover it’s not been an easy ride. Dan and Thank You’s story is one of resilience, persistence, incredible out-of-the-box thinking and cultivating and leveraging an engaged community. 

Coffee Pod #5: Rebel with a Cause: Audette Exel AO- Pioneer. Social Innovator. Game Changer.


Forbes has called her a 'Hero of Philanthropy' and the World Economic Forum named her a 'Leader of Tomorrow'... meet Audette Exel AO: a pioneer, an innovator, a passionate advocate, a savvy businesswoman and a true rebel with a cause. As CEO of Adara Group, she has trailblazed one of the first examples of business for purpose: with the business arm of Adara generating more than $30 million since 1998 that's been deployed on Adara Development projects in some of the world's most impoverished communities. This chat is all about finding your calling, being bold and pioneering a new way, and driving a lasting impact. 
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Coffee Pod #4: Lessons from Emma Sinclair MBE- the youngest person to float on the London Stock Exchange

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Emma Sinclair MBE has been described by Tattler magazine as an ‘entrepreneur who’ll run the universe some day’… as you listen to this coffee pod you’ll understand why! Emma is a serial entrepreneur who remains the youngest person to float a company on the London Stock Exchange, doing so at just 29. She is currently a full-time techie having co-founded Entreprise Jungle voted the most innovative enterprise new software company in 2014. Emma is also proud to have been UNICEF’s first business mentor and is currently in the midst of the #helpemmahelpunicef campaign, raising £150,000 pounds to build innovation labs in refugee camps. You can read more or donate here. This coffee pod is packed with tips on how to start, the role of mentors, getting comfortable being uncomfortable and paying it forward.

Coffee Pod #3: Courage and Resilience in the Eye of the Battle with Rabia Siddique

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You’ll have to hear this coffee pod to believe it! Rabia Siddique, a Perth-born lawyer, joined the British army as a legal officer and found herself being called in as a hostage negotiator during insurgent conflict in Iraq.

Next thing, she’s taken hostage herself. Listen to the remarkable story of how Rabia survived and has gone on to inspire and empower thousands as a leading motivational speaker and business woman.A recipient of a Queen’s commendation for human rights, and an Australian of the Year Finalist, Rabia is a grounded, resilient and passionate leader, with some incredible takeaways for how to get-through and go beyond.

Coffee Pod #2: High Performing Teams & Leaders, and What to Expect from the Future of Work with Atlassian's Dom Price

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Dom Price is a world-leading guru on high performance teams and getting things done in the digital age. As Head of R&D and ‘Work Futurist’ at Atlassian, Australia’s most successful tech company, Dom is a refreshingly practical, no-BS leader with insights and tools that will accelerate your performance to another level. A must-listen for current and emerging leaders alike, and for anyone wanting to know (from the bleeding edge of the tech industry) what the future of work might actually have in store for us, Dom’s Coffee Pod is packed with the practical toolkit to help you get ahead.

Coffee Pod #1: Lessons from 7-time World Champion Layne Beachley

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Against the odds, Layne Beachley emerged from humble beginnings to become a 7-time world champion surfer. Now one of the world’s most highly regarded motivational speakers, she’s devoted her life post sport to helping others unlock their potential. In this raw, inspiring and powerful coffee pod, Layne reveals what it took to become (and remain) a world champion: framing success, traversing challenges, setting powerful goals and managing expectations and pressure on the journey to the top.