Coffee Pod #9: Influence on the International Stage- Farah Mohamed CEO of the Malala Fund and Founder of Girls20

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Connect: @farahpmohamed

Farah Mohamed M.S.M. knows the power of making an impact at a national and international level and in this coffee pod she shares how to start a movement on a global scale; change the narrative, ensure you have the skills, then drive change in terms of real actions and impact. Of Indian heritage, Farah was born and raised in Uganda before her family was uprooted and sought refuge in Canada. This experience instilled a strong passion for civic participation, and Farah spent 10 years working at the highest levels of Canadian politics before stepping into the social profit sector. Farah is CEO of the Malala Fund, inspired by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai, and previously was Founder and CEO of G(irls)20- an organisation aimed at giving women and girls a voice at the G20 table. This is a pragmatic, passionate and powerful coffee pod about how to drive change and make your mark. 

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