Coffee Pod #23: Analogue leadership in a digital world with Anni Rowland-Campbell

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Contact: @intersticia


Welcome to the latest podcast. Her name is Anni Rowland-Campbell. Now Anni has a ridiculous number of degrees, too many for me to even list, all around the world, ranging from philosophy and science to theatre and business and technology. But she's fundamentally an observer and practitioner of Web Science and a passionate advocate for digital literacy.

I think particularly fascinating with the time and the world that we're in, what Anni talks about is analog leadership in a digital world and we're gonna unpack that in our conversation. She's been a massive leader in bringing technology into government and social policy, developing innovation hubs, and pioneering this work at the intersection of creativity and technology. So a really interesting conversation, one particularly as we're starting to ask big questions of ourselves, technology and the way things are developing that I think will give you a lot of food for thought. Enjoy this weeks Coffee Pod.

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