Coffee Pod #31: Mastering Stress, Performance & Mindfulness With World Leader Martial Arts Master Sifu Singh

Contact: @SifuSingh  Website:

Contact: @SifuSingh


Our guest today is Sifu Singh a Speaker, Author and a High-Performance Coach. He is a teacher of Military, Special Forces, Secret Service, SWAT Teams & over 100 Law Enforcement Agencies across the globe. He is a 23rd generation Tai Chi Master and he is responsible for spreading Bruce Lee's martial arts and philosophical legacy. He is a master and a teacher of more Martial Arts than I know how to name and half of which I know how to pronounce. It's quite extraordinary the degree to which he is pursued his craft in this regard. Sifu is really a World Leader in Martial Arts, Functional Fitness & Mindset Development. Today's conversation is going to really delve into these core building blocks that he applies so successfully not only in his own life but in the work that he does in high pressure zero margin for error situations. It's going to be a real practical toolkit kind of podcast where you will walk away with things to add to your to do list, habits to put into your daily routine that can help you perform under pressure cope with stress and get the job done.  

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