Coffee Pod #32: The Power Of Unconventional Solutions With Pioneering Social entrepreneur And Award-Winning Chef Mark Brand

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Contact: @eastvanbrand


I'm fired up to introduce you to this week's guest. I left this conversation feeling 10 feet tall, I was so inspired and full of energy, by virtue of the sheer passion this individual emits when they talk about what they do, and the impact they're looking to create in the world.

I'm talking about Mark Brand. Mark is a restaurateur and social entrepreneur. In fact, he's one of North America's foremost social entrepreneurs. He runs a stack of businesses, social enterprises, and charities. And he's intentionally chose to start them in the poorest post code in America, which is also the largest drug market in North America. So he works in really impoverished, struggling, and disjointed communities, and the impact he's had will blow your mind.

Mark's also a Stanford Fellow, Professor of Innovation at USC, Executive Chef for Pope Francis's Laudato Si Challenge, and an advisor to corporations working to make real change. Get ready to get fired up.

WARNING: This episode contains language that may offend.