Coffee Pod #36: 'Redefining The Collar, Blue' With Blue-Collar CEO, Mandy Rennehan

Twitter:  @MandyRennehan    Instagram: @Freshco_Inc

Twitter: @MandyRennehan

Instagram: @Freshco_Inc

Our guest is Mandy Rennehan. Mandy is known as the blue- collar CEO. She's an incredible Canadian who is entirely self-made. She left home towards the tiny town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia at 18 with just a dirty hockey bag and an audacious dream. A passion as well, I should add, for woodworking. By 19, she founded, Freshco which is now Canada's number one full service reconstruction and retail maintenance provider working for some of the biggest Fortune 500 companies: Nike, Apple, The Gap, you name it and Mandy's worked for them or is working for them right now.

At 24, she signed her first $5 million deal and she's just gone up and up and up since then. She won a range of awards including the 2017 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award. She's also been named EY Entrepreneur of the Year, and I could go on and on. She describes herself as a fun-long adventurer and a rule breaker and I think you're going to love her wicked sense of humour too. Here's Mandy Rennehan.