Coffee Pod #37: Building Cross-Culture Relationships With Melanie Brock

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Twitter: @melanie_brock


Our guest today is the wonderful Melanie Brock who first visited Japan in 1982 as a Rotary Exchange Student and has never looked back. She has had over two decades of experience in Japan and has developed an incredible array of contacts in the Corporate, Political, and Diplomatic sectors and she has played a pivotal role in strengthening Australia Japan relations. She is a member on the board of the Australia Japan Business Corporation Committee and is the Chair of the Australian Unity NZ of Chamber of Commerce in Japan. After serving as chair for 6+ years up until 2016.

Our conversation today is really going to focus on cross culture understanding, we are going to use Japan as a little micro cousin which to think about how we can do a better job of approaching situations where we are doing business or seeking to build understanding and relationships with people who are from a different background, a different culture than that of our own.