Coffee Pod #41: How To Drive Change Within A Large Organisation With ABC's Manager Kellie Riordan

Twitter:  @ KellieRiordan

Twitter: @KellieRiordan

Kellie Riordan is a manager at the ABC and was one of the original trailblazers behind the podcast medium in Australia. She designed and developed some of the earliest content in this whole platform in Australia and now leads a lot of the product development in that space for the ABC working on content ideas, audio storytelling, digital strategy, you name it. Her story and experiences that she shares around how to drive change within a large organization, the art of influence, her reflections on the period of journalism she's been involved in and how communications fundamentally changed, let alone all the other tidbits that are thrown in, I can't tell you how much pragmatic advice is packed into this podcast. So, let's take it away. Here's Kellie Riordan