Coffee Pod #42: Lessons For Aspiring Entrepreneurs With Game Changing CEO Lisa Messenger

Twitter:  @ LisaMessenger  Instagram: @lisamessenger

Twitter: @LisaMessenger

Instagram: @lisamessenger

Joining me this week is Lisa Messenger. The vibrant and game changing CEO of the Messenger Group and the Founder and Editor in Chief of Collective Hub magazine which was an entrepreneurial lifestyle magazine distributed into over 37 countries.

Lisa's authored and coauthored 16 books and become a real go-to in the startup scene. One of the things I love about this podcast is how vulnerable, real and raw Lisa is. Not only about her own life and the journey to build Collective Hub but also some of the more recent challenges she's found herself in.

It's a really great set of lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs, for people who are thinking about taking risks, for people who've got an idea that they're working on and also anyone who's interested in the journey of self discovery, for that matter. It's packed with a lot of honest reflection and I think you'll really thoroughly enjoy it. Without further ado, here's Lisa Messenger.