Coffee Pod #43: Canadian Powerhouse Vicki Saunders Founder of SheEO, Entrepreneur & Award-Winning Mentor.

Meet Vicki Saunders. She is a Canadian powerhouse. She's an entrepreneur. She's an award-winning mentor. She's an advisor to the next generation of change makers, and a leading advocate for entrepreneurship as a way of creating positive transformation in the world.

As we'll touch on at length in the podcast, she's the founder of SheEO, a movement of radical generosity, this extraordinary global initiative that's aiming to radically transform how we support, finance and celebrate female entrepreneurs. We're going to delve into the extraordinary journey of how Vicki and her team arrived at this concept, how they've built momentum behind it, and the extraordinary impact they're achieving in the world at this moment.

Vicki's been named one of 30 world changing women in conscious business. She's been named by the World Economic Forum as a global leader of tomorrow, and is continually called out the extraordinary impact that she's having through business and empowering women worldwide. There are so many brilliant takeaways in this conversation, but it's also just such an inspiring concept and initiative, one of those people who saw the need and decided to continually and persistently chip away at it. Without further ado, here's Vicki.