Coffee Pod #44: Lisa King Founder of Eat My Lunch. The Business Of Doing Good

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This week, we're heading to the land of the long white cloud. That's right, New Zealand, and our guest is the incredible social entrepreneur, Lisa King. Now, Lisa had a background for about 15 years in high-level marketing roles in fast-moving consumer goods type companies before she stumbled upon the statistics she just wasn't prepared to walk past, and that was data around how many young New Zealanders go to school each day without food in their stomach.

She decided that she was the person to do something about it, so she set up Eat My Lunch NZ, a social enterprise built on a one for one model where you buying your lunch as an individual or a corporation not only gives you your lunch, but it provides a lunch to someone from a low income school. It's gone gangbusters. Lisa's been named Person of the Influence in Business in 2016, in the community in 2017, one of the most prominent social entrepreneurs in the whole of New Zealand, and the scale with which this business is growing is extraordinary.

We're going to touch on not only how Lisa saw the need, but how they've built and responded to that extraordinary demand because that's been one of the biggest challenges they've faced. It's an amazing story and a truly remarkable woman telling it. Without further ado, here's Lisa King.