Coffee Pod #49: Investing & Running Businesses With Award Winning Financial Advisor Catherine Robson

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Catherine Robson is an accomplished entrepreneur and award winning financial adviser. She is the founder of successful financial service business Affinity Private and has over 20 years of experience advising sophisticated high net worth individuals and family groups. Catherine’s commitment to quality advice and strong alignment of interests with clients by eschewing all commissions, has earned her numerous awards including the Financial Planning Association’s Victorian CFP professional of the Year, AFA Female Excellence in Advice Award, Money Management Magazine Adviser of the Year and the Australian Private Banking Council’s Outstanding Investment Advisor of the Year.

Today we are talking all things Wealth, Money and Financial Advise. If you are someone that tends to shy away from money or wealth related conversations this is one to lean into but for all of you out there a really great refresher for whatever point you are coming to this conversation on.