Coffee Pod #56: Karen Palmer, Film Maker From The Future, Teaching Us To Channel Our Fears

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Our guest Karen Palmer merges film, storytelling, technology and neuroscience to create emotionally responsive cognitive film experiences. What does that mean? It means when you watch Karen's film you wear a virtual reality headset and the film responds to how you react, so if you react to a particular saying with fear versus calm versus aggression the narratives going to take a completely different turn. It's a phenomenally interesting application of creativity and neuroscience, and I think you're really going to enjoy Karen's insights onto how technology and storytelling are being applied in new and innovative ways.

She's an award winning international artist and public speaker and her immerse films have been shown all around the world and have won numerous awards including the digital dozen breakthrough and story telling, which was an acknowledgement for the most innovative approaches to narrative in the worlds of art, entertainment, journalism and marketing.

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