5 simple tricks to improve your public speaking game

If your reading this; it’s more than likely you have a fear of public speaking and you’re certainly not alone.

Public speaking is ranked as the most common fear shared by people (even above death).

As a lover of public speaking myself, I’m forever asked “how do you do it?” The honest answer is, a lot of hard work, practice and harnessing any nervous energy in a positive manner.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen overnight, but once you’ve mastered it; I can promise you that your professional and personal life will flourish with this newfound skill.

To help you on your journey, I’ve listed my top five simple tricks toward improving your public speaking game. You’ve got this!

Start small

Start small and gain confidence in public speaking by identifying small steps toward your personal goal. This might be anything from asking a question in front of strangers to delivering a presentation to five friendly colleagues.

It’s better to be kind to yourself initially and increase your audience slowly as your confidence grows with success. “Ripping off the band-aid” in a crowd of 300 plus can be detrimental if your performance doesn’t play as well as you’d intended. Slow and steady wins the race in this instance.


Practice, practice and then practice again. Go beyond the words on paper and actually visualize your successful performance (this strategy is commonly used by top athletes & their coaches). After practicing word for word a few times, write down a couple of images that might trigger memories and stories.

Always remember that when speaking in public, you’re the only person who truly knows exactly what you’re intending to say. Work on developing techniques that allow you to “sweat” less on being word perfect and focus more on conveying you’re your overall theme or subject to the audience. 

Become a regular

 Put yourself in situations where you’re going to have to public speak regularly in order to accelerate your practice. If you’re unable to do so at work, think of alternative ways to gain practice. You might try acting classes, presenting at meetings or by signing up with a volunteer organisation & leading a team.


Think of your audience. Their needs come first

Improve your public speaking game by considering what your audience might like to hear & learn. Empathy with & focus on your target audience when speech writing will facilitate an engaging presentation.

Public Speaking Coaching

Needing more support? Reach out to Emergent for public speaking coaching and mentoring today. We’ll be offering courses throughout the year to help anyone wanting to develop confidence in public speaking.