Speaking Topics



Change is inevitable but growth is intentional: harnessing change to drive results

We no longer have the luxury of stability- change is constant and the velocity is only intensifying. This necessitates evolving the way that we work and lead so we can continue to achieve excellence. This talk is designed for leaders and organisations who are seeking to be at the cutting edge of major trends that are impacting their workforce and customers and drive change that positions their business to continue to thrive.

This talk will examine the core components of effective change and provide a toolkit for leaders seeking to enhance their ability to build a roadmap for change- and to engage their people on the journey. 



The March of the Millennial Generation and What It Means For Business

In 2015, Millennials became the largest generation in the workforce and within ten years they'll comprise almost 3/4 of it. This talk is ideal for businesses that want to sure up their medium and long term success by ensuring they have strategies in place to attract, engage and retain millennials. 

This talk examines the key intergenerational trends impacting on business and what this new dynamic means for how we engage, work and lead.



The Economics of Engagement

Only 13% of Australians are engaged at work- an alarming reality that's costing our economy $54.8 billion. Meanwhile, businesses in the top 1% of engagement drive 5x the level of productivity when compared to middle-of-the-road businesses. This talk is tailored for leaders and businesses who are seeking to empower themselves with an understanding of the major trends that are transforming engagement and how they can best respond.  

This talk will examine the drivers of engagement, and the key pillars we need to build within our organisations to create engaged organisations. 



Get Out and Stay Out: Stepping outside of our comfort zone

Leading in times of change necessitates getting comfortable being uncomfortable- dealing with uncertainty, ambiguity and calculated risk, We’ve got to build our individual ability to do that in order to enhance our effectiveness in leading others through to new horizons. This talk is for leaders and teams who are seeking to enhance their effectiveness in times of constant change.

This talk is designed to empower leaders with an understanding of key drivers of performance: willpower, motivation, habit-building, and how we can harness fear and vulnerability to drive results. 


Women Leaders

Women Who Lead

Gender equality is a core priority for a reason: there’s a clear business case that diversity in leadership drives bottom line results. This talk is tailored for emerging female leaders- focused on building a personal toolkit to help get closer towards achieving their own personal and professional goals.

This talk is built on building capability and confidence in soft-skill competencies and leadership traits where extensive business research shows women lag behind their male colleagues. An empowering talk, this topic can also be done in a forum or workshop style, depending on the nature of the audience and the event.  


Developing a culture of thinking differently
In a time of continual change individuals and companies alike are being told that they need to "innovate" and "think differently"... in fact the word "innovation" was used 33,528 times in quarterly and annual reports last year and 43% of companies now report to have a 'Chief Innovation Officer'. But what does that actual mean and is it driving the sort of new thinking and working that generates growth and value? This talk will focus on how we can create the habits, spaces and places in our lives and in our work environments to be able to unlock new ideas and drive new ways of working.

Ideas into action
Ideas without action are just dreams, but executing strategy is easier said than done. For decades now research has shown 90% of companies fail to execute their strategy, while recent McKinsey research tells us that 70 percent of organisational change efforts fall short of desired results. So why is shifting the dial so hard? This talk will focus on how we build cultural momentum around ideas. 

What social media means for connection, community, and commerce.
It's only been 25 years since the launch of the worldwide web, and yet half of the world's population now have a smartphone and more than 2.68 billion people actively using social media platforms. In 2016, global advertising spend doubled on social media, rising from $15 billion to $31 billion. But this prolific growth and commercial value isn't without its shadow side, with recent studies suggesting the platforms are 'fuelling a mental health crisis'. This talk will examine the extraordinary phenomena of social media and what its rise means for connection, community and commerce. 

Challenging thinking, delivering outcomes.
The business case for having different perspectives and people around the leadership table might be well evidenced, but the reality of trying to bring together diverse opinions, create the space for healthy disagreement, and ultimately build engagement and agreement is an emerging skill set all modern day leaders need to build. This talk will focus on how leaders can build their capacity to lead through times of conflict and change, and how the true value of diverse teams can be leveraged. 

"What's going on?!"
A phrase that no doubt all of us have exclaimed at some stage of the last 12 months as we've grappled to reconcile Brexit, Trump and a myriad of other "shock" results. To make sense of them we've got to understand the decimation of trust; the changing nature of engagement and power; and the evolving composition of our community.... and, thus far, the inability of traditional mediums to capture (or communicate to) them. This talk will shed some light on the new global state of play.