Holly Ransom was both a speaker and an MC for Virgin Management in 2016. In both roles she shone and lit up the stage. Her ability to comfortably move across topics, share informed and insightful perspectives and engage and inspire her audience makes her an excellent addition to any events line-up.


Inspirational, thought provoking and unique – Holly is all of these things and more. Her storytelling captured our audience’s attention from the start to the finish and was deemed a highlight of the event. If you’re looking for an smart, authentic and passionate speaker to engage your employees, Holly is perfect.

- Microsoft


“Holly's commitment to the content, our team and Telstra encouraged a true partnership prior to the
event and onsite. The Conference was a huge success and we've received a lot of positive comments
from attendees through our app and direct from the Telstra comms team and executives."

Australian Institute of Sport (AIS)

Holly was an absolute pleasure to work with and we highly recommend her as a presenter and facilitator. Holly approached every task with energy, enthusiasm and professionalism. She took the time to familiarise herself with the audience and understood our objectives as an organisation which meant we could relax and enjoy the event as it unfolded. It was fantastic to experience an intelligent, charismatic woman who is passionate about her work deliver a two day event with such confidence and ease.


Holly was amazing. She was well prepared, and referenced the Bankwest Future of Business Leadership report that we were releasing throughout her presentation (something that we request of all speakers and vary rarely occurs). We had a male skewed audience that were not aware of Holly's profile, and they were blown away be her. Our attendees had glowing feedback, in particular that Holly was “the best speaker they had seen in years”.

The Property Council of Australia

The Property Council of Australia has worked with Holly Ransom a number of times now over the past couple of years. She has covered a range of subjects including disruption, leadership, innovation, diversity and future cities. She has participated as a keynote, panellist, moderator and interviewee and was well received every time. She’s a dynamic, professional speaker who comes to every event well researched and prepared. Her stage presence and delivery is outstanding. She is flexible and positive which makes working with her a breeze and we’d welcome the opportunity to work with her again in the future.

LEAP Foundation of Los Angeles

A presentation that starts and ends with a standing ovation and can maintain the energy and
engagement of an audience of 500 of America’s most talented high school and college students
throughout is no mean feat to achieve! When Holly presented for us at the LEAP Foundation Los
Angeles her high-energy and informative session delivered exactly that. Holly commands the stage
with such a presence and gains instant respect from her audience for her track record of
achievement- she walks the walk of what she talks about. Her ability to break topics like goal-setting
and leadership down in to pragmatic steps meant students had practical take-aways


Watch this space! Holly is a ‘mover and shaker’ and she has already well and truly commenced a
fascinating journey. I will follow her achievements and can only wonder where she will be, in say, 10
years time. Holly was invited to speak to the KPMG Audit team in Perth. Her key messages were
valuable both from a professional and personal development perspective and she inspired many.
Holly is passionate and she is the real deal. Her energy is infectious


Holly Ransom is a superstar! Holly spoke to more than 200 Melbourne business leaders at our sold
out Tipping Point event and her unique perspective, insightful observations and passion for making a
difference captivated the audience. We have never had more follow-up enquiries after an event than
after our event with Holly. As Charles Macek, Wesfarmers Board Director and our event MC said,
‘you’re watching a future leader of this country in action’.


“I cannot commend Holly enough. Holly presented an interactive leadership workshop for 70 high
school students at “UNICEF Day for Change: A Children’s Rights Conference for Young Leaders.”
Her presentation was the highlight of the day, and combined her expertise in the youth-led sector with
her exceptional interpersonal and public speaking skills. She connected with the students via a range
of media and inspired them individually to take action for a cause they cared about. I recommend
Holly to anyone looking for a skilled, informed and passionate speaker – her presentation will be one
to remember.”

Engineers Australia

Engineers Australia was delighted to have Holly speak at the 2016 Australian Engineering Conference. Holly ’s presentation was incredibly engaging and well received, she added significant value to the program by providing key insights into leading intergenerational change and what this means for the engineering profession.

- Melissa Holdsworth

Camberwell Girls Grammar School (Jan 16)

Excellent - Holly was outstanding. She was an ideal speaker to speak about Preparing Students for the Future to teachers and leaders in the School. Her knowledge and ability to convey important information in a clear, engaging and accessible manner was very impressive. Staff are still talking about Holly's presentation and the implications for educators with enthusiasm. We are very fortunate to have access to such a remarkable young woman.

Melbourne Live Tourism Event

Engaging Holly Ransom for our inaugural 2016 Melbourne LIVE tourism forum was an absolute highlight of our event. We received high praise for Hollys insightful presentation on the Millennial generation in particular on their values, preferences and mindsets, which contributes towards their high preference for deeper authentic travel experiences. As a leading example of a bright, entrepreneurial Millennial, Holly spoke with clear passionate conviction and provided excellent examples of what our future leaders will focus on in coming years. I would highly endorse any business or organisation to engage. Holly as she was a strong and inspirational speaker and a delight to work with.

CBA A Conference 2016

Holly Ransom's talk was a light bulb moment for me. Information sharing with other CR people. Finding out about resources. How others are doing community radio and connecting with audiences. Inspired new ideas for us - CBAA Conference Holly Ransom was fantastic - very interesting and relevant presentation. It was great to have the opportunity to meet so many of the other delegates at the relaxed settings of the BBQ and dinner.