Because 1+1 can = 3.

Emergent theory is built on the idea that we can realise more than the sum total of the parts when we mix the right things in the right combination.

We believe unwaveringly in Margaret Mead’s assertion
“Never doubt that a group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world, indeed it’s the only thing that ever has”. But that doesn’t happen by default… the dream might be free but the hustle is most definitely sold separately…or as Einstein more eloquently put it “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result”. 1+1 = 3 type outcomes (you know, the next level kind) happen when we’re creative and courageous enough to ask new questions, pursue the right (not the easy) answers, and empower everyone to be a part of the solution. 


Change might be inevitable but growth is a choice.

“Choice is more than the expression of an intention. It requires us to challenge the way we think, adapt the way we work and restructure our environment.”
— Holly Ransom, Emergent

People often say to us “why change something if it works?”, our response: “so it keeps working!” At Emergent we serve as a trusted change ally for individuals, teams and organisations seeking to transform how they work in order to realise next-level results. We lean in to leaders and organisations who have a challenger mindset and a genuine preparedness to shake up the way they think, work and lead. We help challenge their thinking, evolve their strategy and build capability to engage with market challenges head-on, unlocking new opportunities, outcomes and value.

We do this in three main ways:

  • Catalysing new thinking through presenting key research insights, and thought-provoking ideas in tailored keynote presentations. (Read more)
  • Evolving change strategy through building collaborative and problem solving frameworks and Building a road map to establish the right course of action. (Read more)
  • Building new capability through one-on-one leadership coaching and through bespoke leadership development programs for both executive leaders and emerging leaders. 


First up, we work a little bit differently… which probably won’t surprise you! Like our name ‘emergent’ suggests, we believe new things emerge when new people and ideas come together. So, while you engage us to work with you to deliver:

  • Keynote presentations
  • Strategic Facilitation
  • Moderation of Crucial Conversations
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Training
  • One-on-One Coaching

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and want to work with you to create the optimal structure and format once we have a clear understanding of your objectives.

Some “consultant” types argue the bespoke nature of how we work is inefficient but we know it’s the most effective way to ensure we help each and every one of our clients to get the result they’re after- and we’ve got hundreds of testimonials to prove it!

We’re the perfect fit for those who are looking for someone to support them in their continual evolution to stay at the top of their game, field and industry.